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Thursday, April 09, 2015 19:48

Cluj is the electronic capital of Romania. A few years back the electronic scene in Romania was anything but prominent.

There was a single major festival called "Peninsula", serving a wide range of audience. As demand for electronic music grew, the lineup followed. By 2013 Peninsula became an electronic music festival, but by then it was clear that it's doomed.

The self-proclaimed journalist is happy Luckily the backup came the very same year in the form of a brand new festival called "Electric Castle", shocking the national scene in the best possible way. The medieval castle spiced with classy electronic vibes took the lead, becoming THE major festival in Romania. Now it's 2015 and we got another newbie knocking on the door of the festival goers. "Untold Festival" is in the ring, already flexing its muscles for the festival showdown. The self-proclaimed journalist is happy because it's show time in many ways. It's show-time partly because both events have internationally recognized headliners, partly because there will be two big festivals in a town that barely has 500.000 residents and partly because Untold Festival (hereafter Untold) and Electric Castle (hereafter Electric) are representing the two "extreme" sides of the electronic dance scene. David Guetta vs. Fatboy Slim, Avicii vs. The Glitch Mob, Untold vs. Electric. It seems that the two events have totally different target groups and that comes across very clearly on social media and in real life as well.

What is clear for now is that tons of people who never had anything to do with electronic music before are jumping onto the Untold wagon, selling their Electric tickets, while music heads are wreaking havoc on social media over Untold's ultra-commercial, big-roomy lineup (sometimes forgetting that Untold has performers like DJ Premiere, Crazy P and Nightmares on Wax up in the sleeve). My views are not that positive about "commercial" DJ / producer superstars such as, Hardwell, Avicii, Guetta, Aforjack, Aoki and so on. Putting my dislike aside I'm happy to see this event in the town where I live. Why do I say that? Electric has a limited capacity because of the size of the castle in which is held and there's a magic vibe. The creation of this "magic" came as a result of many factors such as, the festival is new and it's relatively unknown for the non-music-head audience, the performers are anything but commercial and the festival is far enough from any major city to be unattractive for those who just want to go there and grab a beer. But that condition was about to change since Electric was the single major Romanian festival and everyone wanted to go there.

Now those who are not particularly interested in the artistic merit of music, just looking for a place to have fun, got a cheaper alternative with performers that are even familiar to them. This is good for both events, since non-music people can enjoy the hits they know, while the music heads can jam to the strange beats of Zabiela. Why is this kind of separation a good thing?

In my previous articles I talked about my experiences and assumptions about how music can select its audience and how it reflects mentality and behavior. If my theory is right the crowds of the two events will behave totally differently. Until now I only had the chance to compare Electric to the first edition of "Ultra Europe" which is described in this article.
These two festivals are going to offer me the setup to the perfect experiment to see if I'm right or wrong. I can't wait to analyze the ways as the crowd is behaving at a Guetta set compared to what people will do when FatboySlim hits the decks. It's time to draw the line between "commercial" and "underground" crowds, if there is such thing.

Is it true that commercial music consumers hasn't got a single clue about music or what if the whole anti-commercial hype is just the jealousy of the underground? Time to find out!

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