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Tuesday, June 10, 2014 21:08

They are on the thin line that is between underground and total mainstream exposure.

From a perspective I divide music into two categories. There is the sound of the underground and the the sound of the mainstream. Both has its pros and cons and it is damn difficult to have a sound that can be consumed easily and in the same time not to make it sound like a zillionth rip-off of the current mainstream wave. This is the very point where the style of the underground remains but also opens up for the non-diggers. A few years ago Skrillex blew up the dubstep scene, now Diplo took moombathon to a whole new level and there is The Glitch Mob holding the door handle. This album cloud be the blow for The Glitch Mob and for glitch as a genre to conquer the world. They have also managed to renew their glitch experience without turning the whole thing upside down. If you just hear it somewhere for the first time and you've heard Glitch Mob before you can guess that it is their work.

Before we had into the world of the sounds let's make everything crystal clear about your music related hardware. There are other tracks that give an experience between ok and MEEEH on a weak speaker, but this stuff just won't. And I totally agree with it. You want listen to this album with your average sound system or above average headphones with the volume turned up quite hard otherwise you're wasting your time. The guys from Glitch Mob made no compromises and have done something that is truly theirs. There was no fat guy with a corvette who said to do this or that with one or another track because teenage girls won't enjoy it on their iPads built in speakers. The result is a bassline like no other. It is not just btzzz btzzz btzzz btzzz, there is a whole lot of art on that level alone. Like a track inside the track, or dream inside a dream. So take my advice, get a good pair of headphones or you will miss the half of this masterpiece.

The result is a bassline like no other

And now let's talk music. The style is what we can expect from The Glitch Mob (hereinafter TGM) and yet, it is totally different. Their previous works were more of a listening music that suited perfectly for driving, chilling ("Two points", "Drive it like you stole it"), or doing some extreme stuff while listening to "We Can Make The World Stop" or "Beyond Monday". Of course, you cloud smash it on the dance floor while on the high of the previous works but this stuff is just more dance oriented. It has the same burst of energy that skyrockets you from whenever you are into the sky. The only difference is that the rocket technology of The Glitch Mob has evolved since the last rocket launch.

It has beautiful moments with female "vocals" and hard, top notch electrifying banging sessions. From the point of view of what you get and how you get it, it is a bit like trance. More precisely uplifting trance with one extra additive. All uplifting trance songs have an end, a certain peak and you can't get higher. Meanwhile Love Death Immortality won't stop. You just get higher and higher. The tracks work together just like the phases of a rocket. But you don't have to worry, it won't turn into terrorcore. The guys have managed to raise the energy load of the music without kicking up the bpm and stuff. It just grows and grows until the very end. Every track has its own specific role in his own place.

If the Immunity of Jon Hopkins is the sonic recreation of the God of music, than Love Death Immortality is the sonic recreation of the ultimate combo of a can of redbull + extasy + speed + who the *uck knows. While I highly recommend to listen to "We Can Make The World Stop" on a downhill bike ride I wouldn't recommend it when listening to I Need My Memory Back. You will hurt yourself XD.

Love Death Immortality is the sonic recreation of the ultimate combo of a can of redbull + extasy + speed + who the *uck knows

If you were waiting to read about any details about the tracks separately and stuff I have to disappoint you. This is a bomb. A sweet bomb and it is easier to activate this one compared to the previous models. It suits more the ears of non-audiophiles. Go 'n grab it, smash it and if you have a turntable you know your duty.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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