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Friday, December 12, 2014 19:43

We all know the land of far-far away beyond the 7 seas guarded by two pot smoking Cyclopes'. Isn't it? The land of far-far away is a country called Romania with a region referred to as Transylvania.

Yes, you're not mistaken, that is the birthplace of the mighty Dracula. Dracula is a cool guy, so now he's into festivals and what else should suit him better than Electric Castle.

The Electric Castle festival got its name for a very good reason. It is situated in an old castle located at a small village called Bonţida in the North-Western part of Romania. Regardless of that is easy to get there since the castle is only a 30 minutes' drive away from Cluj which is an Eastern-European youth's paradise. Dracula is feeling very comfortable since he doesn't have to use his wings because Cluj has an airport, he can cover the rest of the trip with a bus and the old castle is filled with classy vibes and lots of hot young women.

the line-up made many music-heads wet in an instant2013 was the very first year and the event took the Romanian festival scene by surprise since the line-up made many music-heads wet in an instant. The second edition not just lived up to the expectations, which were pretty damn high after the first one, but exceeded them in the most unexpected ways. The lineup consisted of performers like Die Antwoord, Gramatik, Thivery Coproration, Bonobo, Adam Freeland and more. Everything was pretty well organized and although I didn't had too much time to wander around I didn't see a single fight which is awesome.

I guess that also had to do something with the lineup that is very close to a bullseye. Why am I saying this? It's simple, one (not me) should say that there wasn't a single EDM "superstar". Why is that good? It is good because "superstars" always attract lots of attention, maybe even unwanted attention. Without unwanted attention only those go there who has to be there. The end result is a magic vibe where you feel relieved and totally safe. And it is also safe to state that Electric Castle is one of the best medium sized festivals in Europe. I also attended Ultra Europe in 2013 which on paper had to be way better than Electric Castle.

After Ultra I gave myself some time to judge if Electric Castle or the mad times in the Split Stadium Poljud were better. It should have been a no brainer but it wasn't. For me Ultra seemed to be a cheap money making rip-off compared to Electric Castle which was something totally unique, fresh and unexpected.

Electric Castle owns Ultra Europe even if they're not in the same league The prices are totally cool, the food court makes you forget that the closest shopping mall is 30 something kilometers away, you can choose from a variety of nice places to chill out and stuff. Also the attention to detail is remarkable. If you wander a bit further into the "woods" you'll always find some exciting stuff, the staff is handing out free raincoats for everyone if the weather's not in its shiniest mood. Also there are signs, volunteers and a lot of info on the web to keep you on the tracks even if totally wasted. There are stands where you can charge your phone safely and the camping is packed but totally cool.

Tired of booze, nice breasts or blunts? Grab your skateboard and head to the skatepark. Or grab your bike and head to the dirt park if you got the guts to ride some gigantic trails. Just be careful not to sweat too hard because Dracula will smell your delicious blood and you'll be the next ;).

No one has any idea if what's going to happen during June 25-28, but one thing is for sure. The new line-up is out and it looks as promising as ever. The Cat Empire, Roni Size, Dub Phizix and Jean Blomqvist will be there to rock you out of your shoes. I bet my miserable life that the third edition will offer even more. No matter how many letters I try to fit in this article, the after movie says all. I had some great times there both as a visitor and as an organiser the next year. It is magic.

If interested check out the official website. ;)

Peace my fellow festival goers.

Written by: Kado

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