Many parents worry for their children. They fear for their future carrier, they wish to keep them clear of drugs and they want them to have a good life.



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Art or Money 3 / Demand and Supply
As electronic music grew from a basement in the suburbs of Chicago to a worldwide phenomenon, reshaping the dance culture and industry, it became the breeding ground of many controversies and debates. If you're reading this article you probably know a lot about it, even if you were living under a rock on Mars in the last 30 years. The screams of fanboys and the angry mumbling of deep-heads can be heard from other galaxies as well, I suppose. listening to the repetitive sound of Satan There's a lot of talk on the commercial vs. underground topic. Non-music people or if you will it put that way, common people refer to the underground as a dangerous place where the kids your parents warned you about meet to do drugs and other socially "unacceptable" and "dangerous" things while *listening to the repetitive sound of Satan*. On the other hand there is the commercial bunch, who in the eyes of the "underground" are some Regular John's and Janes listening to something that is barely music...

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Why do Music Heads hate Commercial?
There are many definitions, but my favorite is the definition of Marilyn Manson, who says that art has to be a question mark. I'd add that art has to push boundaries and to do so it has to grant you a freedom of choice. What do I mean by freedom of choice? Here comes the tricky part, and most probably the only part, the core of my idea about art and its effects. I will start with the very basics to build up this idea from the ground up, in order to be as crystal as possible. We, humans start off in with a blank sheet. We have a functional brain that is perfectly useless without inputs. As we get more and more of these inputs that transform into information on the way will create our perception of the world. First we get simple ones, like breasts mean food, Lego Duplo is fun and if we kick the wall our legs will hurt and so on. Later, just like a good MMORPG, everything gets harder. The inputs will get more and more complicated, slowly but surely creating what Reggie Watt calls a...

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