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Homosexuality and Electronic Dance Music
Joel Zimmerman is well known for his hilarious online rants, for a good reason. From time to time he nails things point blank. Ten Walls have proved Joel's theory about the gravitational pull of the dance scene, by firing shots at the gay community that contributed massively to the creation of the dance music industry as we know it. "The Loft" was the first dance club ever, where the first DJ mixer of all times have been used. Naturally, The Loft was a gay club, so as the Paradise Garage, not to mention Larry Levan, the resident DJ of Pradise Garage, who was a pioneer of DJing and prodcuing. He was also the mentor and good friend of Frankie Knuckles (the grandfather of house). Before you start wondering about the sexual orientation of Larry, he was also homosexual. To put it in a simple way, the disco scene had created the spark that blew up the electronic dance culture worldwide some ten years later. 30 years isn't a long time, but it's enough to make an award winning producer, who...

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